Thank you for your recent order. Attached are the documents for your review. Please check for accuracy. 
We ask that you do the following 7 steps to finalize and confirm your reservation; 
1) Please make note that your final payment of needs to be made by check or cash to maintain your 5% cash discount and is due 10 days in advance from your reservation date.  Be aware that payment by electronic method  means we will add 5%  of the total cost of your rental.
2) If there are any errors alert us so we can make the proper corrections. If you have any questions before signing do not hesitate to contact us.
4)You Must Contact us 5-7 days prior to your check out date to schedule your check out time. We do not allow walk in check out times!  Check out's take 45 min to 1 hour at the most.  If you are late and the next scheduled appointment arrives early or on time, you may be bumped which may result in a delay of your departure. Our last available check out time is at 4pm. Should you select this time you must arrive on time! We close our office and gates promptly at 5pm! Any check outs being completed after 5:15pm will result in an $85/hour over time fee. We will inform you at 5pm if your inspection is not completed that you are hitting your overtime limit. Please be aware and mindful of timing when doing your inspection.
5) Make a note to pre- purchase additional blocks of 500 miles prior to or on your departure date. Any overage miles are at $0.45  a mile up to the first 250 overage and $2.25 a mile after that. (Depending on destination disclosed) Any unused miles are not refunded and will not be sold after departure. It is your responsibility to calculate your trip and understand your allotted amount of miles. 
6) Finally, reply back to this email within 24-48 hours including the following statement copied and pasted in the body of the email upon concluding your review of this confirmation:
I, Customer , have read and reviewed the confirmation sent to me by email on date of email I agree to all the terms and conditions explained in my confirmation email and forms attached. I have signed my reservation application form and payment agreement which I have attached to this email or mailed/ faxed to RVRent.Net I have approved the deposit charge on my card  and understand that it is a non-refundable processing fee, regardless of any cancellation, which is applied towards my balance. 
TERMS AND AGREEMENTS OF RESERVATION CONFIRMATION: Please read the following information very carefully as it will explain the final details for your reservation and check-out date…
INSURANCE: At this time we do not offer insurance and require that you provide us with proof of your own insurance within 24 hours by giving us detailed information regarding your policy number and agent phone # for verification. 7 days before your reservation date you must submit to RVRent your Insurance Binder or Additional Insured form that is naming RVRent as the loss payee. Otherwise RVRent may cancel your reservation if not received on time. This binder must include comprehensive and collision damage coverage to the RV. Deductibles are not exclusive to any amount.
 Most insurance companies will gladly add a rental vehicle (RV or Trailer) to your existing auto policy. Some may not, please be sure to check with your agency to verify as soon as possible. Once they have done so, all you need to do is fax/email me the insurance binder. ATTACHED IS THE VIN INFORMATION FOR YOU TO GIVE YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY AND HAVE THE VEHICLE ADDED TO YOUR POLICY. ***Also when requesting your insurance binder from your insurance provider, be sure to ask if you have coverage for "Loss Of Use". If you do not have coverage for Loss Of Use, you have the OPTION to purchase the coverage through us. The cost is 10% of your rental.
 • CASH DISCOUNT and PAYMENT: Included in your total rental cost is a 5% cash/check discount. If you pay your remaining balance with either cash or check. If you need to pay by ANY electronic means (including debit cards), expect to add 5% to your existing rental total.  All summer and holiday orders must be paid 30 days prior to departure.  All other orders 10 days prior to departure unless other arrangements are made. 
 • DEPARTURE APPOINTMENT: I will be contacting you via email/phone a few days prior to your departure to set up a checkout appointment time. If you are checking out on your "Courtesy Non Charged Day", we do our checkouts between 1-4pm Mon-Fri. and between 12-2pm on Saturdays. If you are paying for a morning departure, your appointment will be scheduled between the times of 9:30am-12pm.
• SECURITY DEPOSIT: On your departure day, a security deposit will be due which is Minimum of $1500.00 the amount may be higher or lower depending on your deductible. vehicle you are renting, the length of your trip, and the season in which you are renting). Payment Method: You can pay your security deposit with CC, cash, or check. If you choose to pay with check, please note that it will be cashed. Security Deposit Return: If charged, your security deposit will be returned to you within 15 business days of your return check-in date, assuming there were no further damages to the rented vehicle and the vehicle passed its full and final inspection with no pending work orders.
 • PERSONAL VEHICLE PARKING: Please have prior arrangements made for your vehicle to be picked up from our lot. Due to insurance purposes, all non-company owned vehicles must be cleared from our lot each night before end of business hours. RV Rent.Net, Inc. will not be held responsible for damages, lost/stolen items, towed vehicles, etc. should your vehicle be left inside/outside of our lot. If arrangements can not be made, with permission and a waiver signed by you and RVRENT can you then leave your car inside our lot, exclusive to only those customers with reservations of no more than a 3-5 day reservations.
 • WE NEED TO KNOW IF: You are planning to have pets with you, if you will be towing with the rented vehicle, or if you plan to go to Mexico, or any event that requires additional fees. You may be subject to penalties/fees if we are not properly notified of anything mentioned above.
 • TRAVEL TRAILER/ TOWING INFORMATION: You are responsible for the set up and hook up of the travel trailer to your vehicle. WE WILL NOT ASSIST IN ANY SET UPS!!, You are responsible for any electrical brakes and light connectors to your vehicle. We urge you to come in a few days before to match your vehicle/ball to the travel trailer. Any delay of check out due to set up is not our responsibility. 
 * PROCESSING FEE/ CANCELLATION POLICY:  A processing fee of 30% has been charged to the credit card you have provided.  This fee is NON-REFUNDABLE and has been applied to the balance of your rental. There are NO REFUNDS for CANCELLATIONS made at any point of your reservation.  
Once again thank you for your business and we look forward to seeing you on your scheduled departure date.
 PLEASE READ YOUR RENTAL CONTRACT AT TIME OF PICK UP FOR FULL DETAILS.  If you would like a copy of the rental contract in advance, we will be pleased to provide it to you upon request. If you have any other questions, please let us know!
Michael Cobb
Tel:  760.631.2642 / 800.453.9531
FAX:  760.631.0629